Challenging Anxiety

The Challenging Anxiety group program is an 8-week program designed to assist people to develop useful and practical skills to reduce symptoms of anxiety and to feel more confident in situations where they feel anxious.

If you experience the following symptoms, the group may be of benefit to you:

  • Excessive worry and generalised anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Fear of negative evaluation and judgment from others
  • Panic attacks and uncomfortable physical feelings of anxiety such as sweating, increased heart rate, etc
  • Difficulty speaking in public or social situation
  • Tendency to imagine the worst case scenario and predict the future
  • Difficulty sleeping because of worry
  • Stress management concerns
  • General low confidence

What can I expect from the group?

  • 8 week program running on a Tuesday evenings for 1.5 hours
  • Facilitated by an experienced psychologist
  • Safe, comfortable and supportive environment
  • Information about anxiety and the cycle of anxiety and avoidance
  • Identify triggers for anxiety
  • Develop strategies to reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety including relaxation
  • Learn strategies to identify and reframe common thinking patterns associated with anxiety
  • Break the pattern of anxiety and avoidance
  • Practical in group activities
  • Relapse prevention skills to manage after group completion
  • Group program manual with reading material and handouts

How to join?

Please call reception on 1300 437 984 to discuss details further. If you are an existing client of Hepworth Psychology you can also discuss the value of the group with your psychologist.