Collaborative Care Skills Workshop (CCSW)

Helping people care for and cope with a loved one with an Eating Disorder

CCSW - Caring for a person with an Eating Disorder

About the program

The Collaborative Care Skills Training Workshop (CCSW) is a series of 6, two-hour sessions for carers (such as parents or partners) of a loved one with an eating disorder. The workshops have been shown to improve the well-being, coping strategies and problem-solving skills of carers of someone with an eating disorder. It aims to:

  • Give you skills to help you support your loved one
  • Discover and possibly modify your interaction style with your loved one
  • Increase your awareness of the effects of an eating disorder on behaviour
  • Help you understand your response to conflict, stress and change, and how you can use those responses constructively
  • Help you to understand and facilitate change
  • Highlight, identify and promote opportunities for self-care
  • Teach you communication skills to confidently support your loved one towards recovery


Start Date
Week One starts 5 May 2016

6:30 – 8:30pm (2 hour sessions)

Essendon Health Hub
13 Keilor Road, Essendon

Total cost
$360 for an individual parent
$540 for both parents
Rebates may be available – speak to your GP

What can program participants expect?

Carers who attend the CCSW can expect to gain:

  • A better understanding of the impacts of eating disorders on your loved one’s daily life
  • An increased awareness of your interaction style and how you can help promote change in your loved one
  • Increased confidence that you can support your loved one through recovery
  • New and useful communication skills and strategies

For further information, or to book your place, please contact us on 1300 437 984.